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What's New?  (April 28, 2000)

I have added a pair of scans from the autographs that I received through the mail from Joe Carter yesterday. I also received a special treat today, a 1971 Topps Joe Carter replica card from a 1991 Issue of Baseball Cards. I should have a scan of this up on the website later tonight.

Another small annoucement.... This website is now 1 year old!!

Also I want to make it clear that I love to hear from the people that visit this site. Please feel free to send me an e-mail to comment, give some suggestions or anything else you can think of. Thanks for reading.

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What is this page About?

This page is dedicated to the Hero of the 1993 World Series and my favorite player of all time Joe Carter. I created this page in order to create a truly complete tribute to this Bluejay great.

I have been a Joe Carter fan for the most part since around 1991, this was about the time when he joined the Toronto Bluejays (my favorite team). I enjoyed many of those years espeicially the World Series years of 1992 and 1993, even after these glorious years Joe continued to be great into 1994 where he was primed to set some career highs in homeruns and RBI's. Joe continued to have some great years and then left the Toronto Bluejays as he signed with the Baltimore Orioles in 1998, this would unfortunately be his final season as a little while after the all-star break he was traded to the Giants where he finished his career with 396 Homeruns and 1445 Runs Batted In.

Sometime in early 1998 I started collecting Joe Carter cards, at first I started with about 20 cards that I managed to pull from my binders. This collection quickly grew to 100, then 200 and finally it currently stands at 270 Joe Carter items.

Around the same time that I started collecting I concluded that I couldn't find a complete checklist of Joe Carter items that would satisfy me as even remotely complete. I finally decided to simply put together my own list from humble beginnings with just under 300 cards listed as of May 1998 the list exploded as I became aware of more and more issues. By the end of 1998 I had already discovered over 1000 different Joe Carter items, in recent months a few more recent cards and other items have been added contributing to the current 1200+ Carter items listed. This became the Ultimate Joe Carter Checklist. If you think you know of a card that I do not have listed, let me know. I will be incredibly shocked! :-)

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The player must have played atleast 10 seasons in the major leagues.

After the player is submitted he will be put onto a ballot which will be voted upon by the internet public (You!) and the webmaster of this site (Me!) after the votes are tallied the inducties will be named and their place of honor will be created on this site.

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